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    Fondo per l’Arte UK: Online communications

    Monaco / UK

    How to create an online presence for the most prestigious and prodigious art fund in Europe, managed by Stefano Cecchi?

    Client: Fondo per l’Arte – SCTC
    Markets: Monaco, UK, Worldwide

    FPA is a non-speculative financial vehicle that collects and manages the works of the Stefano Cecchi Trust Collection. FPA was created and established by Stefano Cecchi to offer private equity the chance to access his collection, with the aim of expanding investment flows and creating further artistic value on a long term basis without speculative purposes in the short term.The idea of an Exclusive Private Financial Club is at the heart of the entire structure. A limited number of members and/or family office are accepted during the year following direct introduction by at least two people who have been members of Fondo per l’Arte for a year.
    The minimum entry ticket for 2023 is set at Euro 1.000.000 for each new member, with the possibility to exit after five years from the date of subscription.
    Stefano Cecchi Trust Collection and Fondo per l’Arte work with famous art galleries from New York to Singapore and are accredited to Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips, Bonhams, Dorotheum, Van Ham, Artcurial, Il Ponte, Finarte auction houses.
    Handsome Advertising has been selected to develop the online presence for this exclusive art fund.

    The Website

    Creating a website for an exclusive art fund and club demands not only web expertise but also an understanding of the art world.
    Moreover, the process began with just a compilation of artists and their artworks.
    We designed a unique concept and visual language, encompassing typography and a fresh section presentation approach, which visually captivates visitors and evokes a sense of exclusivity for potential investors. After all, that’s precisely what Fondo Per l’Arte signifies. Additionally, we incorporated symbols from Stefano Cecchi’s family logo to create an exclusive pattern for the website.

    For the mobile web version, we meticulously adapted the visual language to fit the vertical view. This involved conducting numerous tests and adhering to the best practices in mobile user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Our focus was on ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for mobile users, optimizing the website’s performance and layout to suit various devices and screen sizes.

    Collateral Materials and Branding

    During our continuous collaboration, we have been actively engaged in creating social media posts, designs, and prints for a variety of art events in Monaco and Italy. Our contributions have played a vital role in enhancing the significance and appeal of these events.
    Our unwavering commitment to the art world remains a driving force, motivating us to foster fruitful collaborative endeavors. In 2023, we embarked on an exciting new venture with Stefano Cecchi, involving an emerging art fund.


    Handsome Advertising specializes in producing captivating videos to promote workbooks, conduct interviews, and showcase event highlights. This task is particularly challenging due to the discerning audience of FPA, consisting of sophisticated investors and high-income entrepreneurs.

    Throughout our collaboration, we have closely collaborated with Stefano Cecchi, and this partnership holds a unique importance. The team at Handsome Advertising shares an authentic passion for the arts, which serves as a powerful driving force behind our work. Our collective love for artistic expression has led us to create exceptional and innovative solutions for Stefano Cecchi’s brands.

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