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    Scooterson: A start-up phenomenon

    Singapore / Europe / US

    How to transform an incredible startup into a valuable brand and a worldwide success story.

    Client: Scooterson
    Markets: Worldwide

    Scooterson is not only the first truly intelligent scooter, but it is also an example of passion, effort, and inspiration to build a global brand. Born “in the garage” with few resources, the challenge was to create a magnetic brand for investors to attract development capital for the first prototypes. Through an effective marketing strategy, Scooterson became one of the prodigious startups, just like Tesla or Apple in their beginnings, and the brand was valued at over $35 million. Just the brand and its intangible value (design, concept, and marketing heritage). In 2022, Scooterson was acquired by a company from San Francisco, and it will start series production.

    An extension of you. The Movie.

    Scooterson is more than a scooter. It’s an extension of you. But it’s better to watch the video filmed in our Handsome studios, with an Arri Alexa Hollywood-level camera and a great team behind. Learn about your perfection.

    Singapore Red Dot Design winner

    Handsome Advertising organized the Scooterson presence in Singapore. On a big stage near Marina Bay, Scooterson won the prestigious award.

    Kill the old way of mobility!
    Los Angeles mobility fair presence

    On the other part of the world, Handsome Advertising wanted a fresh approach on a limited budget. “Kill the old way of mobility” was Handsome’s idea that made Scooterson not just an innovative brand but also a creative one.
    For the event video, we came up with a ’60s-style video to communicate a strong Scooterson feature: self-driving. Yes, we challenge the impossible. Imagine a scooter coming to its driver like a horse comes to its rider.

    Film story: The Hollywood scout

    Our scooter needed to be connected with people. With people’s lives. So, we produced real film stories filmed in Los Angeles in just 3 days. Scooterson became more than just a brand. Using prototypes, we created engagement not just online but also on the street.

    Film Story: The Sommelier in San Francisco

    It was amazing to discover Californian wines in San Francisco for 2 days when we filmed “The Sommelier” story.

    Online presence through
    Scooterson website

    For the website, we wanted to create a professional and global look. A website made having in mind every small detail. See more on www.scooterson.com

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