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    Smart Diesel: Born to grow.


    How to grow from 0 to over $350 million in annual turnover?

    Client: Smart Diesel
    Markets: Europe

    Smart Diesel is a soul brand for Handsome Advertising because it was founded by clients and old friends with whom we have had a partnership for over 20 years.
    It is a soul brand because it started with just an idea, and together with the clients, we created the path for this business in a very competitive B2B market: the energy market.
    With relevant experience in transport (we were the advertising agency that worked for 12 years with edy spedition, from a small company to the largest haulier in the region, with over 1200 trucks), as well as relevant experience in services for the transportation industry (we launched Diesel 24 and already worked with famous Shell through the local company TSG), the new brand Smart Diesel benefited from our know-how.

    From the initial idea, we continued with a brand story, visual identity, a strong online presence, and the launch of the first prepaid fuel card in Europe. We further developed a robust marketing plan, established a relevant market positioning, created training materials and resources for the sales team, participated in industry fairs, and devised pitch strategies and presentations for strategic partners such as OMV Austria.

    Today, Smart Diesel is part of the largest European group of services for carriers, as it was acquired by DKV, a pioneering German company in the fuel card market. The acquisition was considered the transaction of the year 2020 in the region.

    We are proud to have contributed to building an independent brand that has achieved an annual turnover of over $350 million and has the potential to reach the first billion in the coming years.
    We continue our partnership with Smart Diesel, and it remains a cherished brand for Handsome.

    Visual identity and online presence

    Visual Identity and Online Presence Handsome Advertising was responsible for creating the visual identity, brand strategy, and online presence of Smart Diesel. Together with the client, we managed to differentiate ourselves in an extremely competitive and dynamic market. Despite the lack of available space in the market, our effective image and communication strategy allowed us to create market opportunities worth hundreds of millions of dollars just a few years later.

    Training resources for the sales team

    Training Resources for the Sales Team Given that we had a team of new salespeople, we prepared training manuals that included sales and communication strategies, concrete sales scripts, and answers to potential customer questions.
    We even developed a disruptive strategy to introduce a completely new product: the prepaid fuel card. In Smart Diesel’s marketing, we employed the blue ocean strategy, which focuses on creating new untapped market spaces ready for growth, rather than directly competing in an aggressive and saturated market.

    B2B Events and Fairs

    Participating in B2B events and fairs for carriers, agriculture, and construction strengthened our market presence and quickly positioned us as not only an alternative but also the number one solution for many industries that rely on diesel fuel.

    A New Retail Brand: Smart +

    After successfully establishing Smart Diesel in the B2B sector, we expanded into the retail market.
    Handsome Advertising embraced the challenge of developing a new and modern retail brand in an extremely dynamic market. We started with small steps, but in Smart+ locations, we managed to offer customers services at the level of global brands such as OMV, Shell, and Mol, and even surpass their offerings. Smart Diesel and Smart+ serve as examples that demonstrate how an intelligent business strategy and effective marketing approach can turn a startup into a “Goliath company in a world of Davids” and eventually become a significant player itself.

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