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    Salvequick: The game continues.


    How does one launch a brand by tapping into the nostalgia and love for childhood games?

    Client: Salvequick
    Markets: Europe

    Salvequick is the market leader and a household name in many European countries when it comes to plasters and wound care products. They distribute plaster-boxes worldwide, and their products can be found in numerous homes, schools, and workplaces across Europe, particularly in Sweden, their country of origin. Over the years, Salvequick has undergone a name change from Salvekvick to Salvequick, while continuously renewing and enhancing their product range.

    Handsome Advertising was chosen to spearhead the launch of Salvequick products on a regional market, Romania, in collaboration with our partner Maresi Foodbroker.

    The game continues.

    The most effective marketing strategy is to establish an emotional connection with customers by tapping into relevant target insights. Nostalgia plays a pivotal role in transforming a brand into a beloved one.
    People cherish their childhood games and desire to see their children engaging in more outdoor play, substituting computers and smartphones with traditional games.
    With this in mind, we decided to rekindle the memories of mothers (who represent 80% of Salvequick’s market) by reminding them of their childhood games and their desire to witness their children relishing outdoor activities once again. We delved into the treasure trove of famous games from the 70s to 90s, the era when active mothers were children. We discovered a collection of games and launched a campaign that resonated profoundly with us.

    The campaign consisted of two components:

    • The production and promotion of a film on social media.
    • Collaborating with the community of bloggers and vloggers who embraced our campaign, recognizing it as more than just a brand advertisement. It was about an attitude toward children and play—an embodiment of life itself. Bloggers received a Salvequick package along with an invitation to reintroduce their favorite childhood games to current trends. Handsome and Salvequick played significant roles in fostering awareness of retro games. Children of the new decade had the chance to experience the games enjoyed by their parents.

    Over 200 bloggers created articles and social media posts across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The campaign received nationwide attention and marked Salvequick’s successful introduction to the new market.

    Handsome Advertising also managed Salvequick’s social media accounts within this market. Given Salvequick’s partnerships with Disney, DC Comics, and renowned toy manufacturers, Handsome had the opportunity to create content featuring beloved characters.
    Today, Salvequick stands among the top consumer choices, with a presence in almost all supermarket and pharmacy chains.

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