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    Shan’shi: The Asian Experience in Europe


    Now, you can savor an authentic Asian experience at home. How does one establish an Asian food brand?

    Client: Shan’shi
    Markets: Europe

    Shan’shi has emerged as the leading provider of Asian products in Austria, offering a wide range of ingredients that make it effortless to enjoy authentic Asian cuisine within the comforts of home. The brand’s striking red and black design has become easily recognizable, representing high-quality Asian ingredients.
    Handsome Advertising was selected to represent this regional brand, and in 2022, our collaboration with Shan Shi expanded to Austria as well, with the mother company from Vienna choosing to partner with Handsome. The success achieved at the national level propelled the brand toward greater success within Europe.

    You are the Chef

    You are the Chef To emphasize the ease of preparing Asian food using Shan’shi ingredients, we devised the “You are the Chef” campaign.

    Skip the common dinner. Try assian.

    This groundbreaking campaign not only boosted sales but also transformed buyer behavior by promoting the adoption of Asian cuisine. We aimed to challenge people’s mealtime habits, particularly during family or social gatherings, by encouraging them to move beyond commonplace dishes like spaghetti and pizza. Asian food offers a distinct experience that lingers in people’s memories.

    Print / Social / POS Materials

    The campaign employed print, social, and point-of-sale materials, with Handsome Advertising overseeing their creation for over seven years.

    Shan Shi Asian parties

    To enhance brand attachment, we developed the concept of “Shan’shi Asian Parties,” hosting Asian-themed parties in various cities across the country. These events attracted guests from the media, blogging, social media, and television industries.

    Collaboration with famous chefs

    In 2020, Handsome Advertising launched the “Nicolai & Nissara” series, adopting a format similar to TV shows. The series featured renowned European chefs collaborating with Asian chefs, showcasing entertaining recipes.

    Each episode, ranging from 15 to 20 minutes, garnered exceptional success, with an unprecedented full-length viewing rate of over 80%.
    These campaigns resulted in a doubling of sales for the Shan Shi brand, as reported by our clients.

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