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    Shell Card: B2B Marketing that works


    How to meet Shell's expectations and exceed them?

    Client: Shell Card
    Markets: Europe

    Royal Dutch Shell, a petrol and energy giant, ranks among the largest companies globally and has regained its position as Europe’s top-ranked public company according to the Forbes Global 2000 ranking.
    In the B2B sector, Shell is well-known for its Shell Card.
    The Shell Card serves as a single payment solution for all business mobility needs, providing access to the European fuel network and other Shell services on the road.

    Since 2010, Handsome Advertising has been the main B2B marketing agency for the local reseller, TSG euroShell. Additionally, Handsome has collaborated directly with the Shell Hungary branch on specific projects.

    Our work with Shell Card includes branding initiatives, major B2B marketing campaigns, new card launches, participation in events and conferences, video production, web development, web and mobile applications, PR, and the successful launch of highly acclaimed corporate social responsibility campaigns throughout the country

    Business Design and Branding

    Handsome Advertising undertook the complete rebranding of TSG Shell Card.
    The concept of “Oriented towards you” proved highly successful, resulting in a significant increase in TSG’s brand awareness by over 200% and a substantial growth in the customer base.
    Additionally, our agency managed all B2B marketing communications (newsletters, brochures, promotional articles, collaterals) for over 500 carrier clients.

    Live for the next 100 years

    How to create the most creative CSR campaign?
    One of our most impactful social responsibility campaigns was TSG Forest 1, 2, and 3, known as the Shell Card Clients Forest Campaign.
    We organized a monumental tree planting campaign in Transylvania.
    The campaign introduced an unconventional idea: “See how your live tree grows for the next 100 years.”
    To achieve this, we installed solar cameras in the forest that autonomously monitored the newly planted trees using solar energy. As a result, Shell customers could observe the growth of their own trees by accessing a private link. The campaign garnered attention not only on social media but also in the national press, inspiring similar campaigns by other prominent companies, such as Vodafone.

    Shell Card events

    Handsome Advertising has successfully organized over twelve B2B events for Shell Card, including prestigious conferences and events featuring global brands.
    The Shell booth has consistently been perceived as the most creative and popular space, rivaling major brands like Volvo, Mercedes Trucks, and Iveco.
    Our innovative ideas have served as inspiration for other companies in the sector in subsequent years

    Online Shell card / PR campaigns

    Handsome Advertising has managed all Shell Card marketing campaigns, establishing TSG Shell Card as the unrivaled leader in the fuel card market through an efficient communication strategy that consistently stays one step ahead of the competition.

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