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    MonteCarlo Offshore: The Reborn of an icon

    MonteCarlo Offshore: The Reborn of an icon


    How to redesign a brand which keep the healines for boat and yacht enthuziasts in 70s and 80s?

    Client: EGM-Monaco
    Markets: Monaco, Worldwide

    Designed and built in 1972, by legendary names in the yachting industry, the MonteCarlo Offshorer quickly became “the” icon of Cote D’Azur and has long been hailed as an emblematic boat that embodies the spirit of sport, elegance, luxury and adventure. 343 Offshorers 30 were built in total, being one of the most successful stories in the boat industry. 
    Now, our client is proud to announce the rebirth of this legendary masterpiece—the Monte Carlo Offshorer 30 embracing the timeless design and unmatched craftsmanship that made its predecessor an irreplaceable gem.
    Handsome Advertising was selected to initiate the re-launch of this brand event right from its inception, with the product set to be introduced to the market in 2024. This endeavor involves the creation of a fresh website, the execution of a launch campaign, and the organization of an event in Monte Carlo to mark this revitalized start.
    The rebirth of the Monte Carlo Offshorer 30 is not just a testament to its storied past, but also a commitment to elevating the standards of performance and extraordinary boating experience to surpass the expectations of the most discerning yachting connoisseurs.
    Coming soon…

    The Website

    The website was crafted while keeping the new Monte Carlo Offshore in focus, yet maintaining its connection with the unforgettable iconic boats of the 70s and 80s.

    The film story

    A film was created to bring the story to the public’s awareness. It all began with the London-Monaco boat race. Handsome Advertising undertook the task of crafting the video narrative, a process that took less than a month of diligent research and discussions with the individuals who were part of the journey. While some of these pioneers are still with us, others remain in our memories and hearts.

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    Fondo per l’Arte UK: Online communications

    Fondo per l’Arte UK: Online communications

    Monaco / UK

    How to create an online presence for the most prestigious and prodigious art fund in Europe, managed by Stefano Cecchi?

    Client: Fondo per l’Arte – SCTC
    Markets: Monaco, UK, Worldwide

    FPA is a non-speculative financial vehicle that collects and manages the works of the Stefano Cecchi Trust Collection. FPA was created and established by Stefano Cecchi to offer private equity the chance to access his collection, with the aim of expanding investment flows and creating further artistic value on a long term basis without speculative purposes in the short term.The idea of an Exclusive Private Financial Club is at the heart of the entire structure. A limited number of members and/or family office are accepted during the year following direct introduction by at least two people who have been members of Fondo per l’Arte for a year.
    The minimum entry ticket for 2023 is set at Euro 1.000.000 for each new member, with the possibility to exit after five years from the date of subscription.
    Stefano Cecchi Trust Collection and Fondo per l’Arte work with famous art galleries from New York to Singapore and are accredited to Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips, Bonhams, Dorotheum, Van Ham, Artcurial, Il Ponte, Finarte auction houses.
    Handsome Advertising has been selected to develop the online presence for this exclusive art fund.

    The Website

    Creating a website for an exclusive art fund and club demands not only web expertise but also an understanding of the art world.
    Moreover, the process began with just a compilation of artists and their artworks.
    We designed a unique concept and visual language, encompassing typography and a fresh section presentation approach, which visually captivates visitors and evokes a sense of exclusivity for potential investors. After all, that’s precisely what Fondo Per l’Arte signifies. Additionally, we incorporated symbols from Stefano Cecchi’s family logo to create an exclusive pattern for the website.

    For the mobile web version, we meticulously adapted the visual language to fit the vertical view. This involved conducting numerous tests and adhering to the best practices in mobile user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Our focus was on ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for mobile users, optimizing the website’s performance and layout to suit various devices and screen sizes.

    Collateral Materials and Branding

    During our continuous collaboration, we have been actively engaged in creating social media posts, designs, and prints for a variety of art events in Monaco and Italy. Our contributions have played a vital role in enhancing the significance and appeal of these events.
    Our unwavering commitment to the art world remains a driving force, motivating us to foster fruitful collaborative endeavors. In 2023, we embarked on an exciting new venture with Stefano Cecchi, involving an emerging art fund.


    Handsome Advertising specializes in producing captivating videos to promote workbooks, conduct interviews, and showcase event highlights. This task is particularly challenging due to the discerning audience of FPA, consisting of sophisticated investors and high-income entrepreneurs.

    Throughout our collaboration, we have closely collaborated with Stefano Cecchi, and this partnership holds a unique importance. The team at Handsome Advertising shares an authentic passion for the arts, which serves as a powerful driving force behind our work. Our collective love for artistic expression has led us to create exceptional and innovative solutions for Stefano Cecchi’s brands.

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    Shell Card: B2B Marketing that works

    Shell Card: B2B Marketing that works


    How to meet Shell's expectations and exceed them?

    Client: Shell Card
    Markets: Europe

    Royal Dutch Shell, a petrol and energy giant, ranks among the largest companies globally and has regained its position as Europe’s top-ranked public company according to the Forbes Global 2000 ranking.
    In the B2B sector, Shell is well-known for its Shell Card.
    The Shell Card serves as a single payment solution for all business mobility needs, providing access to the European fuel network and other Shell services on the road.

    Since 2010, Handsome Advertising has been the main B2B marketing agency for the local reseller, TSG euroShell. Additionally, Handsome has collaborated directly with the Shell Hungary branch on specific projects.

    Our work with Shell Card includes branding initiatives, major B2B marketing campaigns, new card launches, participation in events and conferences, video production, web development, web and mobile applications, PR, and the successful launch of highly acclaimed corporate social responsibility campaigns throughout the country

    Business Design and Branding

    Handsome Advertising undertook the complete rebranding of TSG Shell Card.
    The concept of “Oriented towards you” proved highly successful, resulting in a significant increase in TSG’s brand awareness by over 200% and a substantial growth in the customer base.
    Additionally, our agency managed all B2B marketing communications (newsletters, brochures, promotional articles, collaterals) for over 500 carrier clients.

    Live for the next 100 years

    How to create the most creative CSR campaign?
    One of our most impactful social responsibility campaigns was TSG Forest 1, 2, and 3, known as the Shell Card Clients Forest Campaign.
    We organized a monumental tree planting campaign in Transylvania.
    The campaign introduced an unconventional idea: “See how your live tree grows for the next 100 years.”
    To achieve this, we installed solar cameras in the forest that autonomously monitored the newly planted trees using solar energy. As a result, Shell customers could observe the growth of their own trees by accessing a private link. The campaign garnered attention not only on social media but also in the national press, inspiring similar campaigns by other prominent companies, such as Vodafone.

    Shell Card events

    Handsome Advertising has successfully organized over twelve B2B events for Shell Card, including prestigious conferences and events featuring global brands.
    The Shell booth has consistently been perceived as the most creative and popular space, rivaling major brands like Volvo, Mercedes Trucks, and Iveco.
    Our innovative ideas have served as inspiration for other companies in the sector in subsequent years

    Online Shell card / PR campaigns

    Handsome Advertising has managed all Shell Card marketing campaigns, establishing TSG Shell Card as the unrivaled leader in the fuel card market through an efficient communication strategy that consistently stays one step ahead of the competition.

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    Shan’shi: The Asian Experience in Europe

    Shan’shi: The Asian Experience in Europe


    Now, you can savor an authentic Asian experience at home. How does one establish an Asian food brand?

    Client: Shan’shi
    Markets: Europe

    Shan’shi has emerged as the leading provider of Asian products in Austria, offering a wide range of ingredients that make it effortless to enjoy authentic Asian cuisine within the comforts of home. The brand’s striking red and black design has become easily recognizable, representing high-quality Asian ingredients.
    Handsome Advertising was selected to represent this regional brand, and in 2022, our collaboration with Shan Shi expanded to Austria as well, with the mother company from Vienna choosing to partner with Handsome. The success achieved at the national level propelled the brand toward greater success within Europe.

    You are the Chef

    You are the Chef To emphasize the ease of preparing Asian food using Shan’shi ingredients, we devised the “You are the Chef” campaign.

    Skip the common dinner. Try assian.

    This groundbreaking campaign not only boosted sales but also transformed buyer behavior by promoting the adoption of Asian cuisine. We aimed to challenge people’s mealtime habits, particularly during family or social gatherings, by encouraging them to move beyond commonplace dishes like spaghetti and pizza. Asian food offers a distinct experience that lingers in people’s memories.

    Print / Social / POS Materials

    The campaign employed print, social, and point-of-sale materials, with Handsome Advertising overseeing their creation for over seven years.

    Shan Shi Asian parties

    To enhance brand attachment, we developed the concept of “Shan’shi Asian Parties,” hosting Asian-themed parties in various cities across the country. These events attracted guests from the media, blogging, social media, and television industries.

    Collaboration with famous chefs

    In 2020, Handsome Advertising launched the “Nicolai & Nissara” series, adopting a format similar to TV shows. The series featured renowned European chefs collaborating with Asian chefs, showcasing entertaining recipes.

    Each episode, ranging from 15 to 20 minutes, garnered exceptional success, with an unprecedented full-length viewing rate of over 80%.
    These campaigns resulted in a doubling of sales for the Shan Shi brand, as reported by our clients.

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    Salvequick: The game continues.

    Salvequick: The game continues.


    How does one launch a brand by tapping into the nostalgia and love for childhood games?

    Client: Salvequick
    Markets: Europe

    Salvequick is the market leader and a household name in many European countries when it comes to plasters and wound care products. They distribute plaster-boxes worldwide, and their products can be found in numerous homes, schools, and workplaces across Europe, particularly in Sweden, their country of origin. Over the years, Salvequick has undergone a name change from Salvekvick to Salvequick, while continuously renewing and enhancing their product range.

    Handsome Advertising was chosen to spearhead the launch of Salvequick products on a regional market, Romania, in collaboration with our partner Maresi Foodbroker.

    The game continues.

    The most effective marketing strategy is to establish an emotional connection with customers by tapping into relevant target insights. Nostalgia plays a pivotal role in transforming a brand into a beloved one.
    People cherish their childhood games and desire to see their children engaging in more outdoor play, substituting computers and smartphones with traditional games.
    With this in mind, we decided to rekindle the memories of mothers (who represent 80% of Salvequick’s market) by reminding them of their childhood games and their desire to witness their children relishing outdoor activities once again. We delved into the treasure trove of famous games from the 70s to 90s, the era when active mothers were children. We discovered a collection of games and launched a campaign that resonated profoundly with us.

    The campaign consisted of two components:

    • The production and promotion of a film on social media.
    • Collaborating with the community of bloggers and vloggers who embraced our campaign, recognizing it as more than just a brand advertisement. It was about an attitude toward children and play—an embodiment of life itself. Bloggers received a Salvequick package along with an invitation to reintroduce their favorite childhood games to current trends. Handsome and Salvequick played significant roles in fostering awareness of retro games. Children of the new decade had the chance to experience the games enjoyed by their parents.

    Over 200 bloggers created articles and social media posts across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The campaign received nationwide attention and marked Salvequick’s successful introduction to the new market.

    Handsome Advertising also managed Salvequick’s social media accounts within this market. Given Salvequick’s partnerships with Disney, DC Comics, and renowned toy manufacturers, Handsome had the opportunity to create content featuring beloved characters.
    Today, Salvequick stands among the top consumer choices, with a presence in almost all supermarket and pharmacy chains.

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    Veridium, US: From startup to industry leader

    Veridium, US: From startup to industry leader


    How does one launch an online security brand and create a new market for it?

    Client: Veridium
    Markets: US

    How does one launch an online security brand and create a new market for it? Veridium (formerly known as Hoyos Labs) is widely recognized as a global leader in mobile biometrics authentication. They have pioneered a secure environment where identities can no longer be stolen, granting individuals and companies complete control over their digital and physical assets. Veridium boasts the most comprehensive Integrated Identity Platform, powered by AI-based Behavioral Biometrics. It enables Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), digital ID verification, and delivers a true enterprise-grade passwordless experience for employees and customers. Hoyos Labs has achieved numerous breakthroughs in biometrics R&D, holding eight patents and having 34 patents pending.

    Handsome Advertising has been working with Veridium (Hoyos Labs) since 2014. We have created their branding and established their online presence, including film production and app design. Additionally, we have developed the concept and all marketing resources for their US launch campaign. This campaign stands as one of the most comprehensive and successful ventures executed by Handsome Advertising, with advertisements featured in renowned publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, Yahoo AOL, and other major advertising platforms in the US.

    We even crafted the pitch presentation for the Apple meeting held in Cupertino, California.

    The Yahoo AOL concept

    Yahoo was enthralled by the creative concept proposal from Handsome Advertising, aimed at transforming the Yahoo Mail homepage during the campaign. This proposal offered viewers an immersive and thrilling experience of Hoyos Labs (Veridium products) services, emphasizing the significance of login security.

    Product videos

    Handsome Advertising conceptualized and produced videos for Hoyos Labs (Veridium) that showcase industry case studies and the security requirements of four key sectors: Global 2000, financial services, healthcare, and government. Our work received high praise from Apple, and we still possess an email with feedback from their team regarding our contributions

    Apple loved our work 🙂

    Our work received high praise from Apple, and we still possess an email with feedback from their team regarding our contributions.

    Launching a global campaign

    To introduce Veridium’s new product, we developed a concept based on the 2015 launch of “007 James Bond Spectre,” which was being showcased in theaters.
    Although not directly connected to the popular movie, we devised the “000 breaches” idea. We recognize the importance of leveraging “live marketing” by astutely harnessing media waves within the market.
    Our advertisements were prominently featured in reputable publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, as well as technology-focused newspapers like TechCrunch, Mashable, and Wired.

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    Hartl: The Perfect Job

    Hartl: The Perfect Job


    How to integrate strategy and creativity in B2B?

    Client: Hartl
    Markets: Europe

    It was in 1965 when Ernst Hartl senior laid the cornerstone for the HARTL Group in Saalfelden/Austria. In the first few years, lumber shipments were made from the Salzburg area to southern Italy.
    In 2015, Hartl Connect celebrates the 50th year in business and started working with Handsome Advertising on all marketing leveles: B2Clients, B2Partners, Employee Communications and B2Community.
    In 2022, the company is one of the most respectable carriers in Europe working for global brands like Amazon.

    The Perfect Job – A Fresh Approach to Recruitment Campaigns

    At Handsome Advertising, we always approach our clients’ problems as doctors aiming to find solutions. Hartl Connect Austria faced a shortage of staff for their Timisoara, Romania office, where there was intense competition among multinationals to attract trained employees.

    The Campaign

    To address this challenge, we created “The Perfect Job” campaign, which was recognized and awarded by advertising professionals. The campaign aimed to transform Hartl Connect from a pragmatic Austrian company into a desirable brand for the city’s youth. Understanding that the Eastern European market is more emotionally driven than the German-Austrian spirit, we designed a campaign that asked young people what the perfect job meant to them. We integrated their responses into a marketing campaign centered around a film, followed by the implementation of their ideas within the company. For example, if a young person mentioned wanting hamburgers every Friday, Hartl created a program where a famous local chef prepared hamburgers for the entire team every Friday. We even fulfilled one young person’s request for a limousine ride to the interview, which became an actual practice for a period of three months. The campaign exceeded all expectations, making Hartl Connect one of the most sought-after employers in the region.

    From Marketing Materials to Online and Software Development

    Since 2015, Handsome Advertising has been responsible for creating all the marketing materials for Hartl Connect, receiving praise for our creativity and out-of-the-box ideas.
    We also developed ERP and CRM platforms to streamline various processes within Hartl Connect, including automating customer requests, generating automatic quotations, and creating recruitment platforms.

    Recruiting Partners Campaign

    To meet the needs of its clients, Hartl Connect sometimes hires partners—smaller transport companies with 1 to 20-30 trucks—who are subcontracted by larger transport or forwarding companies like Hartl Connect.
    Our challenge was to make Hartl Connect the number one choice for these partners. To achieve this, we conducted extensive research to identify the fears of small carriers, such as running out of loads, delayed payment, or feeling unimportant compared to larger companies taking advantage of them. We then created a series of videos addressing each fear. The success of the campaign was substantial, with the films being translated and delivered to other markets

    "Do You Know Who I Am?"

    Reaching European Markets and Clients Our task was to remove a layer between Hartl Connect and the end customer, as large customers in the transportation industry often work through logistics groups that act as intermediaries, reducing the commercial margin of the supplier.

    To reach the decision-makers—transport managers at the companies Hartl Connect targeted—we developed a campaign across Europe. The campaign consisted of a main film, PR activities, online banners, social media promotions, and participation in industry events.
    The success was immediate, and Hartl Connect expanded its portfolio of direct customers, including companies like Amazon.

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    Smart Diesel: Born to grow.

    Smart Diesel: Born to grow.


    How to grow from 0 to over $350 million in annual turnover?

    Client: Smart Diesel
    Markets: Europe

    Smart Diesel is a soul brand for Handsome Advertising because it was founded by clients and old friends with whom we have had a partnership for over 20 years.
    It is a soul brand because it started with just an idea, and together with the clients, we created the path for this business in a very competitive B2B market: the energy market.
    With relevant experience in transport (we were the advertising agency that worked for 12 years with edy spedition, from a small company to the largest haulier in the region, with over 1200 trucks), as well as relevant experience in services for the transportation industry (we launched Diesel 24 and already worked with famous Shell through the local company TSG), the new brand Smart Diesel benefited from our know-how.

    From the initial idea, we continued with a brand story, visual identity, a strong online presence, and the launch of the first prepaid fuel card in Europe. We further developed a robust marketing plan, established a relevant market positioning, created training materials and resources for the sales team, participated in industry fairs, and devised pitch strategies and presentations for strategic partners such as OMV Austria.

    Today, Smart Diesel is part of the largest European group of services for carriers, as it was acquired by DKV, a pioneering German company in the fuel card market. The acquisition was considered the transaction of the year 2020 in the region.

    We are proud to have contributed to building an independent brand that has achieved an annual turnover of over $350 million and has the potential to reach the first billion in the coming years.
    We continue our partnership with Smart Diesel, and it remains a cherished brand for Handsome.

    Visual identity and online presence

    Visual Identity and Online Presence Handsome Advertising was responsible for creating the visual identity, brand strategy, and online presence of Smart Diesel. Together with the client, we managed to differentiate ourselves in an extremely competitive and dynamic market. Despite the lack of available space in the market, our effective image and communication strategy allowed us to create market opportunities worth hundreds of millions of dollars just a few years later.

    Training resources for the sales team

    Training Resources for the Sales Team Given that we had a team of new salespeople, we prepared training manuals that included sales and communication strategies, concrete sales scripts, and answers to potential customer questions.
    We even developed a disruptive strategy to introduce a completely new product: the prepaid fuel card. In Smart Diesel’s marketing, we employed the blue ocean strategy, which focuses on creating new untapped market spaces ready for growth, rather than directly competing in an aggressive and saturated market.

    B2B Events and Fairs

    Participating in B2B events and fairs for carriers, agriculture, and construction strengthened our market presence and quickly positioned us as not only an alternative but also the number one solution for many industries that rely on diesel fuel.

    A New Retail Brand: Smart +

    After successfully establishing Smart Diesel in the B2B sector, we expanded into the retail market.
    Handsome Advertising embraced the challenge of developing a new and modern retail brand in an extremely dynamic market. We started with small steps, but in Smart+ locations, we managed to offer customers services at the level of global brands such as OMV, Shell, and Mol, and even surpass their offerings. Smart Diesel and Smart+ serve as examples that demonstrate how an intelligent business strategy and effective marketing approach can turn a startup into a “Goliath company in a world of Davids” and eventually become a significant player itself.

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    Häagen-Dazs: An ice cream like no other needs marketing like no other

    Häagen-Dazs: An ice cream like no other needs marketing like no other


    How to launch a great ice cream on new markets and make it cool for the Instagram generation.

    Client: Maresi Foodbroker / Häagen-Dazs
    Markets: Europe

    Take an iconic American brand and launch it, for the first time, on new markets in Europe. Häagen-Dazs has been making ice cream like no other since 1960. Reuben Mattus’ vision was to make the most extraordinary ice cream the world has ever tasted, a spoonful of luxury to escape the everyday. And to get there, he only used the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients. As Reuben said, “If you’re like everyone else, you’re lost.” So we make an ice cream like no other—the best that it can be.

    We have been working with this brand since the beginning, launching integrated 360 campaigns online and on traditional channels (outdoor, printing, experiential marketing, video, PR).

    In love with Bradley Cooper

    We had the opportunity to continue the work of global agencies when Bradley Cooper became the brand ambassador. Handsome Advertising created the print materials for the points of sale, magazine ads, consolidating the brand presence in the local market. In just 2 years, Häagen-Dazs became a top brand in stores.

    Häagen-Dazs social media accounts

    Handsome Advertising created Häagen-Dazs social media accounts, generating brand-relevant content (photos, videos, special multimedia content) in accordance with the global brand communication guidelines.

    The ice cream art: The New packaging launch

    Häagen-Dazs was once the go-to luxury ice cream. But in 2017, while the product itself remained peerless in terms of quality ingredients, the brand’s packaging and wider identity was looking out of touch with modern consumers and the Instagram era. The challenge was simple: get Häagen-Dazs back to its accessible luxury best.
    Handsome Adertising launched the new packaging as it deserves. In an art gallery.
    We wanted to launch the new packaging in the same way that works of art are exhibited.
    We booked an art gallery for a day (Gallateca Gallery) and replaced the current artworks with ours.The Häagen-Dazs ice cream art.
    The Häagen-Dazs packaging creations made by contemporary artists such as Santtu Mustonen and Kustaa Saksi.
    The packaging patterns were reproduced on large canvas paintings using local artists and they were exhibited in the gallery.
    Even the wardrobe of the hostesses was inspired by the colors of the packaging.
    The event brought together the world of showbiz and social media, who shared the experience more than 22,000 times in articles, blogs, vlogs, stories, posts. In just one day.

    Häagen-Dazs sofas and lounge chairs

    To really enjoy Häagen-Dazs ice cream, special places were needed.

    Thus, our idea was to create unique lounge chairs in the packaging patterns, restored from famous but old armchairs. Now, those items have become famous again.

    Häagen-Dazs Stories

    In order to increase the new packaging brand awareness even more, we used famous influencers, a well-known local chef (Nicolai Tand) and a famous influencer, “The Fashion Countess” Ana Morodan, both having intersecting communities with the avatar of the Häagen-Dazs brand.

    Häagen-Dazs experiential marketing

    Every year, Häagen-Dazs was present at the events organized at JW Marriott hotel (marketing, blogging, social media events) where thousands of influencers came into contact with the brand and shared their experiences.
    All booths, brand activations, and experiences were created by Handsome Advertising. In total, we have generated over 80 million reactions in the press and social media.
    Today, Häagen-Dazs is a top brand of choice for consumers, successfully communicating the accessible luxury ice cream.

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    Scooterson: A start-up phenomenon

    Scooterson: A start-up phenomenon

    Singapore / Europe / US

    How to transform an incredible startup into a valuable brand and a worldwide success story.

    Client: Scooterson
    Markets: Worldwide

    Scooterson is not only the first truly intelligent scooter, but it is also an example of passion, effort, and inspiration to build a global brand. Born “in the garage” with few resources, the challenge was to create a magnetic brand for investors to attract development capital for the first prototypes. Through an effective marketing strategy, Scooterson became one of the prodigious startups, just like Tesla or Apple in their beginnings, and the brand was valued at over $35 million. Just the brand and its intangible value (design, concept, and marketing heritage). In 2022, Scooterson was acquired by a company from San Francisco, and it will start series production.

    An extension of you. The Movie.

    Scooterson is more than a scooter. It’s an extension of you. But it’s better to watch the video filmed in our Handsome studios, with an Arri Alexa Hollywood-level camera and a great team behind. Learn about your perfection.

    Singapore Red Dot Design winner

    Handsome Advertising organized the Scooterson presence in Singapore. On a big stage near Marina Bay, Scooterson won the prestigious award.

    Kill the old way of mobility!
    Los Angeles mobility fair presence

    On the other part of the world, Handsome Advertising wanted a fresh approach on a limited budget. “Kill the old way of mobility” was Handsome’s idea that made Scooterson not just an innovative brand but also a creative one.
    For the event video, we came up with a ’60s-style video to communicate a strong Scooterson feature: self-driving. Yes, we challenge the impossible. Imagine a scooter coming to its driver like a horse comes to its rider.

    Film story: The Hollywood scout

    Our scooter needed to be connected with people. With people’s lives. So, we produced real film stories filmed in Los Angeles in just 3 days. Scooterson became more than just a brand. Using prototypes, we created engagement not just online but also on the street.

    Film Story: The Sommelier in San Francisco

    It was amazing to discover Californian wines in San Francisco for 2 days when we filmed “The Sommelier” story.

    Online presence through
    Scooterson website

    For the website, we wanted to create a professional and global look. A website made having in mind every small detail. See more on www.scooterson.com

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